An educational tool to assist in the management of hepatic metastases in patients with colorectal cancer

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Using MetResect

The primary goal of this educational tool is to give the user a greater perspective on the options available for treating colorectal cancer that has metastasized to the liver, and which may possibly be resectable for cure.

The Cases

At the heart of this educational tool are 51 cases that are each presented and discussed by an expert in the field. These cases have 4 educational elements.

  • The case commentary by a member of the expert panel, who selected the case from his/her clinical practice.
  • Highlighted elements within the case commentary text that focus on specific clinical issues of the case, and which provide a link to other expert opinions about those issues (in general, not specifically about that case).
  • On the Case Commentary page, there are links to "Other Expert Opinions About This Case" by 9 other experts about the case. These 9 experts independently reviewed a summary of the case, and rated different options of treatment.
  • On the Case Commentary page, there are links to "Review Case's Films." The films from the case are interpreted by the panel's radiologist (not the radiologist that read the original films).
  • Supplementing these case commentaries and opinions under "Resources & References" are the "Expert Comments by Topic." These brief text elements focus on specific clinical issues important to the clinical management of these cases.

The Medical Literature

At the heart of this resource are about 100 central references. These can be reviewed in the "Resources & References" section. There they are ordered by first author and also primary topic. For each of these references there is a linked slide set, and links to the internet resources where the abstracts for the articles and often the full text articles are available.

Reviews of the Literature

One of the things you will not find in MetResect is a "review" of the literature in this area, with text and tables summarizing and synthesizing the medical literature. These can be obtained from other sources. Rather MetResect is intended to provide a wide breadth of clinical perspective from actual cases.


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